What About Washington Oregon Painters?

Meeting expectations isn’t good enough! We exceed them.

A Little History Explains the Values Driving This Washington and Oregon Painting Company.

John Buchanan learned to paint in Job Core during high school. He went on to become an expert painter in the U.S. Marine Core at 29 Palms. He earned extra money painting in town. He so enjoyed painting that when he left the Marines he joined Southern California’s largest painting contractor.

After years of painting all around the country, John and his family decided to make the Northwest their home in the late 80s. They began as A Washington Painters, with a home base of Seattle. The company’s reputation for always doing quality work made expansion to Oregon in the early 90’s possible.

Message from John

We could list the various jobs completed by A Washington A Oregon Painters over the past 20 some years. We don’t want to bore you. We have many customer references on this site already. We’ll keep it brief by sharing the types of projects we’re proven experts in.

  • Residential homes
  • Apartment complexes
  • Condominium units
  • Commercial buildings

In virtually every city and neighborhood in Washington and Oregon, we have happy and satisfied homeowners, realtors, builders (large and small), and government agencies.

How have we built our business? Each member of our team shares in our company profits. Each team player is motivated to deliver quality at our job sites by meeting deadlines and using quality painting techniques.