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Washington Oregon Painters Improve Bombay

Bombay Stores

Bombay retail stores are ten thousand square feet of shopping bliss. Artistically-lit interiors. Wood work worthy of a photo shoot. Large open spaces to amble around in.

Bombay retail store

One can take his pick from exquisite artefacts in clay, metal, leather, paper and wood. For those with artistic inclinations, our stationery corner house eco-friendly handmade stationery. Mellow fragrances of tea, herbs and pot pourri waft in for an idyllic getaway from reality.

The mezzanine at the end of a graceful staircase is devoted to ready-made garments. Natty, sharp formula beckon the discerning man, as also do western and ethnic casual designed by the store’s very own team of expert designers. For ladies, an array of simple, elegant styles, embellished with semi-precious and costume jewellery. The eco-friendly packaging in the store is also- designed specially by inhouse designers. And all of this is available seven days a week.

Washington Oregon Painters worked with corportate project managers to transform each blank wall to a texture reflective of the store brand.