Warranty Info

What is in a Washington Oregon Painters Warranty?

We do our painting right the first time—and we guarantee it.

We’ve built our reputation as a painting company in Washington and Oregon by standing behind our work. We have a tradition to uphold. We believe in ensuring quality service to each of our customers, residential and commercial.

We can usually show you a house or business we’ve painted within 10 miles of your home. You’ll be able to see how well the paint job has held up.

Our basic warranty is for three years. If there are any defects in our workmanship, they’ll show up within this time frame. If you want to arrange for a longer warranty, we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Our Painting Warranty Covers:

  • Work where we supplied the paint
  • Work we performed
  • Approximate paint match (colors change over time)
  • Normal wear

Our Painting Warranty Begins When:

  • When we complete the job.
  • Customers who paid their balance in full are making payments on their financing will be given priority.

In order for us to deliver warranty services your property must be accessible.